What you should not do in dressing wound. (diabetic foot surgeon)

Hello everyone. So I have put so many videos, and I have spoken a lot about you regarding how to do proper dressing. This video is something different. I will show you what you should not do in a dressing. Once such our patients who have done a dressing outside the problem with this dressing, I will show you they have used cotton as a primary dressing.

So we don’t know whether this is sterile cotton or uncertain cotton. And one more thing, cotton is not ideal for a primary dressing. Why? Because no cotton sticks over the wound surface and it is challenging to remove all the cotton particles out of the wound. We need to soak with the saline and give us the row wash to remove all the cotton particles.

And one more thing that sticks out. The cotton particles continue to be a source of infection also, and it dries out with the wound and sticks to the wound. And if you remove that one, sometimes it causes pain and bleeding. So we should not use cotton. Many of the centres at the peripheral level use cotton directly over the wounds.

And that is not the correct way of dressing. That is what I’m going to emphasize in this video. And more than that, on the patient side, the care for the foot is not proper. If you see this one, it is all dried out. They have to apply a proper moisturizer and scratch marks because of the scratch Mark itching sensation.

They are getting aberrations and ulcers here and there. If you see the bilateral food, both are very dry, and the foot care is also not adequate. And the dressing is also not proper. So please avoid doing a dressing where cotton you use as a primary dressing. It is not advisable to use cotton as a primary dressing.

Instead of that, use a sterile gauze valve that is available everywhere. So that is what this video tells all about. Thanks for watching. Bye.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woSyFeHwpL4

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