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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon,today I will talk with you regarding ingrowing toenails. An ingrowing toenail is that the outer portion of nails generally will be flagged for ordinary individuals. For those with ingrowing toenails, this will be cowed out and belt at the outer border, and inside the skin surface. So generally ingrowing toenails, which doesn’t cause any problem. But for few patients who use pointe footwear or get repeated injuries, or if they have a very wrong nail clipping practice, this kind of incredible toenail will be problematic.

They will have pain, or they will have recurrent toenail infection. So to prevent that, generally, people should have an ingrowing toenail; they should have extensive footwear. It is always better to avoid a crowded, narrow point and footwear, even for office use. And the nail trimming practice should always be horizontal, and they should avoid repeated injuries. Like if it is a football player or any thought if they use their foot, minor injuries can be avoided so that the ingrowing toenail won’t be problematic. I want to show you a few photos how what an ingrowing toenail will look like.

This is a bilateral gratuin growing nail, and if it is infected, this will look like this, and if it is further infected, it will affect bone also. And once I’m patient with the footballer and repeated minor injuries with the growing toenail, the nail has come out. This is the growing portion of the new nail and this is a patient who got a recurrent ingrowing toenail. We have trimmed the outer portion of the nail, but if the problem comes again and again, we have planned to open it. We also need to cut the growing portion of the nail, so that will be a permanent remedy if there is a recurrence, and then it is always good to use extensive footwear like this to prevent crowding of the toenail. That way, you can prevent the worsening of the ingrowing toenail complication.

It is always better to trim the nail flat rather than vertically going deep. And in our podiatry setup, we use this kind of kit with all such instruments, which we generally use for nail management. So this is the elevator. This is used to elevate nails from the nail bed, and this is a small scoop. This is a blade handle, and this is a nail foil, and this is a critical trimmer.

And this is for gas cutting. And this is a Kyle shiver. And all these three are heavy nail Clippers, and these two are not angles. We require somebody’s help to trim the nail. And this one is the heavy nail Clipper so that patients can use this one, and they can trim it by themselves.

This is how we manage nail problems and in growing nails in our opening settings. Thanks for watching. Bye-bye. See you. 

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