Toe Curl Exercise For Foot

Hi,I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.Today I am going to teach you about the Toe curl physiotherapy exercise. Patients who are having diabetes and those who are having peripheral neuropathy, and those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from this food physiotherapy exercise. So let me demonstrate how to do your toe curl exercise today.

You can wait and watch this full toe curl exercise, and you can practice at your home. This will increase the flexibility across the metatarsal of financial joints as well as the interfacing joints of the toes as well. As this strengthens the extensive muscles of the leg, namely the Fluxor Digital room as well as flexor harnesses. Let me go through doing a toe curl exercise. You need to spread the towel across the floor, and you need to keep your feet at the edge of the table, and slowly start fluxing the metatarsal of the phalangeal joint and the interphalangeal joint.

This will strengthen the tenderness of the flux or halitosis longest as well as the flux or distortion, and this needs to be continued. This is a part of the Extrinsic muscle training program, and then this needs to be repeated again.

This will benefit patients with diabetes and those who have peripheral neuropathy and those patients who have rheumatized stiffness mainly at the forefoot level. This exercise has to be repeated again for these feet in a similar fashion, and this needs to be done ten times every day at the second part of the Toe curl exercise. I am demonstrating this to you. I am using drug files, but you can use marbles, pebbles, and pen caps, whichever you feel comfortable with. You need to pick this one by one and put it in a tray again.

As I said, this will strengthen the Fluxor hallucis as well as the Fluxor digital room tendon, thereby giving exercise to the joints and mobility to the meta torso joint as well as the interparental joint. This needs to be you can use a pin instead of that also, and this has to be repeated for ten times in every day. This is the second part of the toe curl exercise. You can combine along with the first part and second part to strengthen the forefoot as well as the joints of the metapercil phalangeal as well as the interphalangeal joints.

Thanks for watching.