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Hello everyone. I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.This is a video to show what are the important signs when a diabetic patient comes into a hospital for foot problems.

Usually, there are few emergency signs that patients and patient attendees should know and bring to the surgeon’s knowledge at the earlier term is the blackening of the toe. If there is sudden blackening of the toe, it means the toe is not getting adequate blood supply, and it is going to a gambling state. If they come to the surgeon at the areas, we can do some vascular intervention, and we can save the toe if it is possible. This patient, if you see this one, this toe is fully blackened, and underneath there is infection.

also, it has gone to full gangrenous state


We cannot do anything. I’m going to do a Ray application for this patient. So following that, we are going to do a master evaluation as the status.

Once it has been removed, it requires proper care, and it takes almost a month for it to completely recover. Thanks for watching. Bye.