Nutrition and Diabetic wound | Proper diet for Diabetic wound healing

Hello everyone.I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon. So I have put so many videos regarding diabetic wound care management. This is one such video regarding a nutritional requirement when it comes to wound care management. So many of our patients won’t have adequate nutrition, particularly the elderly. So we need to emphasize the nutritional importance for such patients, and we have to give in a more straightforward form so that patients can understand what protein is? What is a carbohydrate?

All this in a more straightforward form. So mainly when we classify nutrition in terms of wound management, there are macronutrients as well as micronutrients. Macronutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fat. So a carbohydrate diet rich in carbohydrates is rooted in vegetables, cereals, and fruits like bananas and mangoes. So this, generally for diabetic patients, carbohydrates shouldn’t be reduced so that the glycemic level is maintained at the normal range and protein.

They need to take adequate quantities because the home exits are mostly protein-rich. So the loss of this protein has to be managed with proper supplementation. So a diet rich in proteins are Dal, pants, nuts, Chenna and non-vegetarian sources are skinless, chicken, fish, egg white. So these things have to be told to the patient to take in adequate quantity. They should have a regular fat diet.

And when it comes to micronutrients, vitamin A-C, zinc selenium iron are essential for the improvement because vitamin E we all know vitamin E is rich in papaya carrot, so this is essential for during inflammatory phase of wound healing as well as uphill sessions. And it boosts the immune system also. And vitamin C is also equally important. It is essential in collagen cross-linking, and it also boosts the immune response, and vitamin C is very rich in citrus fruits. We all know like lemon Orange.

All these things have adequate vitamins C content, and vitamin B complex is rich in pomegranate beetroot. This is essential in RBC formation. Along with micronutrients, zinc selenium is also a cartel. They are antioxidants; they also Cartil good in your heating, so macronutrients as well as micronutrients along with proper glycemic control, very good consistency to antibiotics, proper deprivement and good psychological support and good virus offloading. All these things are essential, and it’s a combined approach when it comes to good healing.

Thanks for watching. See you. Bye.