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Hello, this is Dr PremKumar Podiatrist surgeon Podiatrist means Specialist daily Foot and ankle. This is our patient who has been having this kind of swelling for ten years. It is a painless swelling when you see and examine, so it is freely mobile in all directions. It means it doesn’t have any underlying connectivity to tendons or kinds of structures. So when we Come for differential Diagnosis.

Usually, when mobile swelling like this is more travelling towards lipoma. The other possibility biopsia, usually comes for those who sit cross legs down. The other possibility Is a ganglion. But the thing is seeing the mobility; it is more likely to be a lipoma. I’m going to exceed this and send for a biopsy. Consistency is also found. Lipoma at this Foot and ankle region is not that common, but I still believe this is a lipoma. Let’s see with the bias report. Thank you.

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