Ingrown toenail- when to see a doctor?

Hello, everyone. I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.This is a small video for ingrowing toenails. This is our patient who has come from TIRUPUR.

She’s having pain at this point when I touch. So this is all because of the ingrowing portion of the nail, which is getting infected. And because of that, she is having unbearable pain. Now I’m going to give local anesthesia for her here, and I’m going to trim the outer border of the nail. And then I’m going to give a course of antibiotics. And if this kind of infection is because of ingrowing, part of the nail gets repeated; I need to do a partial matrix symptom and a permanent procedure. And that is all about ingrowing. Many of our patients and the general public should know improving. They have to come to visit the doctor’s podiatrist surgeons at the earliest. Thanks for watching.