I’m a Gauze- Know about my Use | Wound Care Management

Hello everyone. I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.Today we are going to talk with you regarding wound care management. So this is a somehow neglected topic, but it is essentially required for all wound care professions. So what I’m going to talk with you about of the swab is the gauze valve. If you see this one, this is a gauze valve.

So material the common source of this gauze well is cotton fibre. So the cotton fibre once is taken out and is knitted into the yard. It is made into woven and non-woven gauze maps. This is the gauze valves, so this is folded, and this is not readily available for use. This needs to be sterilized either by UV sterilization or autoclave.

Once autoclave or sterilization is done, this is ready for usage for a primary dressing, so there are a few advantages and a few disadvantages for using this kind of gauze valve. First up I will tell you the advantages. This is cost-effective, and it is readily available even if you go to pay for the setup and the sterilization process is also very easy. So the fewer disadvantages if you want to say if you use it as a primary dressing, sometimes it sticks over the wound. When we remove that one, it is painful, and sometimes it causes bleeding also.

So for that, we need to soak this gauze material in sediment and then only we need to remove it slowly so that it doesn’t cost any pain for the patient. So dietary patients generally will have neuropathy so that they won’t have sensation. But the thing is, if there is the growing epithelium, if you forcefully remove the gauze material, it will remove the epithelium. So that all the disadvantages are there to prevent that. The gauze in such a way is impregnated with paraffin as well as antimicrobial clorazine.

So this is a paraffin coated Gauss material. The knitted gauze material. This could be put over the wound surface, and the gauze dressing can be done. So the other form of gauze dressing, which is used as a secondary dressing and cleans the wound, is paired GAMCI pad. The centre of the Games pad will have cotton, and it is rolled by gauze stabs.

So if it is a highly oxidative wound, the gauze won’t be sufficient. Suppose that this gaming pile needs to be kept. The cotton inside the gauze absorbs the exceeding, so the wound will be Waterfree, and there won’t be any soaked in our site. Further, the gauze can be used as a bandage. Also, this is the colour bandage.

Once the dressing is done, the dressing is kept in place by the bandage. Once the bandage is done, this is attached again, this is a gauze imperfect with polyacrylic attestive material, so this can be used as adequate. So all these are uses of material which has a primary source of gauze in operation centre, and they use gauze for better dripping. Also, get a better rate. So these are all advantages of gauze. So all students, speeches and medical professions wound care.

All these professionals should know about this gauze material and its usage in detail for the perfect planning for wound dressing. Thank you so much. Bye.

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