How to keep your dressing clean and dry.

Hi, I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon,this video is all about covering wound dressing. So many times, patients know once the dressing is over, they walk with the foot with a partial weight-bearing at this level. So the thing is, every time they walk, the undersurface of the dressing will get dirty. All dirt sticks to it and makes the dressing messy. And even if they go to the restroom, the undersurface of the dressing gets wet.

So that should not be there. To prevent that. You can just use simple shoe covers. And if you see this one, this can be put like this so that the dressing is covered. Even if they walk over the water surface, this area will be kept dry, and the dressing will also look neat every time the thing is without the shoe cover; this area exactly looks very dirty. And because of the showcase, this area gets wetting. So to prevent that, this simple shoe cover can be used. That is what I’m showing in this video.

 Thanks for watching.