Gastroc recession with metatarsal osteotomy for non healing trophic ulcer

Gastroc recession with metatarsal osteotomy for non healing trophic ulcer
Gastroc recession with metatarsal osteotomy for non healing trophic ulcer

I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.This video demonstrates gastrocnemius recession surgery for a two-year-old chronic non-healing trophy ulcer of left foot plantar aspect with a tight contracted gastronomy’s muscle. I am Dr Prem Kumar, Podiatrist.

Skin insertion has to be marked slightly away from the Midland at the end of the gastrocnemius muscle, where it continues as a gastrocnemius tendon and joins the soleus muscle.

Gastrocnemius tendon has to be identified and cut, and released horizontally, followed by soleus muscle. Fascia has to be cut horizontally, exposing the soleus muscle bulk. Once this is done, you can feel the ankle and foot, which easily moves dorsiflexion, which was earlier in Equinox position. Because of the contracted gastronmius. The wound is then closed in layers, and skin stapler has been applied.

The left foot’s third and fourth metatarsal head has to be opened by a dorsal vertical incision, avoiding an injury to the extensor dig torrent tendon. It has to be deepened up to the metatarsal head, and the floating osteopathy has been done so that the pressure on the metatarsal head is also simultaneously relieved. Once the gastrocnemius contractor has been released, the foot usually moves freely into Dorsettion, and the local pressure at the metatarsal head has been addressed by a floating Academy, which will decrease the pressure over the MTP joint of the third and fourth metadata cell so that the healing of the trophic ulcer will occur very fast.

Usually, it takes two to three weeks for the tropical sun to heat.

A posterior island slab has been applied to put the released gastronomy tendon in that position. After two days, we will suggest the patient do dorsiflexion passively by a stretchable band, and the physiotherapy has to be started. The patient will be put in air walking boat after one week, gradually after three weeks the wound assessment has to be done, and the staples and the future will be removed, and the patient has to be given customized insoles that support the access of the foot. Thanks for watching.