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I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.I have put so many videos regarding foot caps, so this is a simple video showing you how to do your footcare practice at home and maintain foot hygiene. Usually, we step into the home from the office and remove the top and the footwear, so go to your bathroom, open the tap water and then use any ordinary soap.

Just cleanse the foot. Go to the website. Plant the webspace with the figure. Look at the bottom that is a planter side and any fissure or cracks, any ulcer thing. Look at the nail corners to see whether there is any infection and then wipe the small area, then open the tap water again. Then plant the foot. So I use gauze.

But you can use it every day. Cover the front portion of the foot. Bottom of the foot? Go to the webspace and then make sure there is no moisture. Raiser is left behind in the left space and touch and feel the first patient. They cannot go to the back and look at the foot. Just touch the foot.

So once cleansing is over, nail clipping is equally essential as a part of typing. Make sure it is up to the surface. Don’t go much deep inside and cut and enjoy the surrounding skin that will favour infection to come in. So flip up to the surface, and that’s it. Then you need to apply Moisturizer. Any Moisturizer few of our patients know whether I can use coconut oil, which is readily available at home. There are a few disadvantages if you use coconut oil. Sometimes you’ll attract Act. So few elderly patients feel slippery if they are put at the bottom of the foot.

We prefer to use Moisturizer. Don’t put Moisturizer in the web space because it retains Moisturizer. You can apply over the toes and not in between the webspace.

Now for elderly patients, it is a bit difficult to maintain this kind of footage. Their grandchildren can do this as a service, and it is their duty. Also, sons and daughters can take care of their footage, and routine daily inspection is a part of food care. So if the patient can do this as a part of the lifestyle as a routine practice, they can notice any small problem at the early stage and bring it to our notice. We can avoid further problems, so maintaining a production prevents 90% of the footprint.

Thank you for watching. Thank you. Bye.

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