Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy for #plantarfasciitis #heel Pain

I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.Are you a heel pain person, particularly when you walk a few steps early morning? Do you have long term heel pain for more than a year? That could be because of planning anterficiates. Do you have continued healing pain after a local steroid injection? Have you tried ultrasound or shockwave therapy for long term healing training?

But still, it is not relieved. Have you tried all stretching exercises suggested by your physician or a physiotherapist? Are you a patient who used a night splint, but it doesn’t relieve pain for you? Are you a patient who used too many painkillers to heal pain? Are you a patient who tried any form of soft chapels?

Mcp chapels. But still, you feel pain.

If the heel pain is not relieved by all this conservative line of management, then we need to evaluate the cost of healing pain. It could be because of plantar fasciitis many of the time. It could be because of the calcaneal spur. It could be because of Backster neurons. Two of the above said diagnoses sometimes coexist very few times.

All three differential diagnoses can coexist.

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