DVT leg Ulcer | #VaricoseUlcer Treatment | #Lymphoedema

Hi,I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.This is a video regarding the treatment of lymphogeneous ulcers. This patient is from Bihar. He has come with a very weak non-healing ulcer on the distil leg and the ankle region, and it is excruciating. It has been there for more than a year. So he has come here with the infected non-healing ulcer.

We started with the antibiotic, and we have taken an arterial and been as a Doppler along with the lymph integrity. So there is a lymphatic obstruction at the level of depth as well as nodule level, and there is venous thrombosis with partial reconciliation. The blood supply is no actual supply is quite good, but the pain is quite unbearable. So I suspect the west component along with lymphocyte swelling. So I have taken a biopsy for this patient, and the reports are still awaited, and we have started with broad-spectrum antibiotics, and they were doing dressing.

So the next level of treatment since that is partially reconciliation, we plan for our home’s lero therapy along with compression dressing.

Hope it will take another couple of months for this to completely keep. This is totally a more extensive raw area if you see this one.

If you don’t treat this wound, this will become infected ulceration again and become a very big ulcerative. So our plan as of now is compression former therapy compression dressing. If there is a vasculature component, we need to treat that along with that one and with the antibiotic support and the lymph Valuation. Thanks for watching.

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