Dressing protector.

Hello, everyone. I am Dr PremKumar, diabetic foot surgeon. So usually, we deal with diabetic wounds. So once the wound is clean, we usually cover the wound with a clean cereal dressing so that the dressing should be kept dry every time until the next visit.

But the patient goes to the restrooms. They usually keep the dressing. Try to keep the dressing dry, but sometimes it gets sold. So to prevent wetting, I’m showing you one dressing protector. This is made up of plastic, and it has a centre hole with a rubber loop.

So the patient has to be taught to use this kind of dressing protector that needs to be inserted in the leg so that the food comes to this area. So once this is being put, this is not fitting the Lake part so that water won’t seep into it. So if you see this one, I’m pouring saline water is not sleeping into that. And this dressing is kept clean and dry. So that is what I’m going to show in this video so people can buy this kind of product and make use of that to keep the dressing and wound dry.

Thanks for watching. See you. Bye.

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