Cure for Repeated ingrown nail #Recurrent Ingrowing Nail# Surgery

I am Dr. Premkumar, diabetic foot surgeon.So this video I have earlier status. This gentleman knows you can see in growing nails on both sides surrounding soft tissue hypertrophy. You can able to notice. So the procedure we are going to do, I’m going to avail the nail. So up to this, that is later nailed avails. So this part of the nail and this part of the nail, I’m going to avoid that. Following that, we are going to finalize the lateral and matrix. Usually matrix nail matrix.

So this is the area of the nail matrix where the new nail will start coming. So once this is avails, we’ll do chemical finalization of the lateral matrix. And following this, you can notice South Asia hypertrophy through the toe tip. So I’m going to do a super incision like this, and then I’m going to excise the excess part of the hypertrophic skin and soft tissue. So once this is done, I’m going to switch up the upper lip with the lower lip so that this will look flat.

I’m going to nibble the distilling part of the terminal, filing a little bit that seems apostrophic. So this is what we call Harvard Dubai’s procedure. And totally this procedure has to be done with the Botanique. The phenol. What we use is an 18% phenol.

So I’ll be back after the start of doing this section. Thanks for watching.

So I’m going to apply a gel to safeguard protect the surrounding skin from the irritant effect and the coagulation effect of this phenol. We use 88%. Many surgeons use phenol at different proportions. This is a sterile swab. You need to keep this for 30 seconds in position. You can able to see the tissues of one panel. These are effects of fennel. Again I’m going to do finalization for another 30 seconds.

This is to prevent recruits. So I’m going to wash the penalized mail matrix with the alcohol. So as you know, alcohol is a neutralizing agent for phenol, and again, it dilutes phenol also.

So you can able to notice the pale colour change in the matrix, which indicates it causes a coagulation effect over the tissues over there so that the nail matrix is destroyed. Again, I will repeat the same procedure on the other side, and I’m watching the clock. Also, some surgeons rub over that. I’m giving pressure over there. You can able to see the coagulation price. Again 30 seconds. Again I’m giving alcohol fresh utilize the phenol to dilute the phenol.