Diabetic Foot Infection | Foot Swelling, Ulcer, Discoloration

Hello, everyone. I am Dr Prem Kumar, consultant, diabetic foot and Podiatric surgeon at Apollo Hospital Greams Road. Today we are going to discuss diabetic foot infection management. So diabetic foot infection.

When the patient usually steps in, they will have certain everyday things. They will have an ulcer; there will be a discharge from the wound site, there will be whole smelling, pus, there will be swelling of the limb, there will be discolouration of the surrounding skin, plus or minus. The patient may be having a fever. So if these symptoms are there, we can label it as a diabetic foot infection for a diabetic patient.

Usually, at Apollo, we have a holistic team approach to diabetic foot management. So who are all the doctors and the team involved in diabetic foot management? So usually diabetic foot and Podiatric surgeon. We do cleaning work. That is, we remove the infection surgically, and there is a specialized anaesthetic team who are specialized in giving a regional nerve block.

Rather, we don’t generally prefer general anesthesia and then we have a diabetologist who controls the patient’s blood sugar so that infection control and healing will be better. We have an infectious disease consultant who suggested giving the preferred antibiotic incorrect dosage, and as per guidelines, we have a dietitian and physiotherapy support. So with all these things, we do holistic care at Apollo Hospitals Greams Road, and when it comes to diabetic foot management, as a surgeon, clean the wound and followed by.

We have a dedicated nurse who is doing dressings for the patient and then followed by. We usually close the wound by giving ideal skin cover, and we suggest the appropriate patient footwear.

We usually suggest microcellular polymer footwear. We commonly say I’m MCP footwear, and then once the treatment part is over, we usually tell the patient to come for follow up. Like that, we follow a holistic team approach at Apollo Hospitals Greams Road. And then, when it comes to prevention, we always suggest the patient come for routine follow up and use moisturizer liberally so that the skin integrity is maintained. We advise the patient to use footwear every time, indoor and outdoor.

What I earlier said is a microcellular polymer. It is appropriate to use cotton socks along with footwear. Three mantras for diabetic foot prevention are wearing diabetic footwear, medical-grade microcellular polymer footwear, using cotton socks and a moisturizer, and routine doctor’s visit. If any diabetic patient follows this four advice, definitely they can 80% to 90%. They can prevent the upcoming future infection, as well as they can prevent the amputation rate. Usually, the worldwide amputation is ubiquitous diabetic footage, and amputation is, unfortunately, one of the preventable amputations we are doing.

So when it comes to the trauma of these things, it is not preventable diabetic foot amputation is preventable amputation. If they follow these four pieces of advice, amputation can be prevented so that their lives will be happy. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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