Dr PremKumar diagnoses, treats, operates and prescribes for any disease, injury, deformity, or other condition of the foot

Podiatrists can treat any condition of the feet, such as the following:

1.injuries to bones (including fractures), tendons and soft tissue
2.foot problems resulting from illness such as diabetes, arthritis, AIDS, and cardiovascular diseases
3.bacterial and fungal infections
4.skin and nail disorders
5.benign and cancerous tumors
6.congenital and acquired foot deformities

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1Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
In varicose veins the veins are dilated, become long and coiled like a snake. Contact Kauvery hospital for best varicose vein treatment in Chennai. Visit us for more details.

2Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
Modern daycare procedures for varicose veins treatment in Chennai. The USFDA approved procedures performed at Pristyn Care Laser Clinic in Chennai are the best solution for symptoms and complications of varicose veins. The treatments serve to insulate the heat from damaging adjacent structures, including nerves and skin, as well as pain control.

3Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
Best varicose veins doctor in Chennai. View appointment fee, patient reviews and feedback, OPD schedule, contact number of varicose veins specialist near you in Chennai. Book appointment online with varicose veins doctor at top hospitals – Credihealth

4Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
Painless Varicose Veins Treatment in Chennai / Tamil Nadu. Avis Hospitals – Over two decades of experience in the highly specialized field of Vascular disease.

5Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
Varicose Veins literally means swollen, twisted and lengthened veins. They appear as bulging cords just underneath the skin mostly in the legs and feet. It is the superficial network of diseased veins in the legs that can be seen or felt as abnormal. Veins are structured with one way valves to push deoxygenated blood from the legs to the heart.

6Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
The Best Hospital for Vein Treatment in Chennai. Are you searching for the best hospital in Chennai for treating Varicose Veins? Is Varicose Vein problem been troubling you forever? Search no more. Laser Vein Clinic (laserveinclinic.in)is one of the best hospitals for treating Vascular diseases in Chennai.

7Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
Dr.Sekar graduated from JIPMER Pondicherry one of the premier medical Institutes in the country. He stood first in Surgery and was awarded the Dr. Nair Memorial Gold Medal by the Madras University.He then had surgical training from PGIMER Chandigarh another premier central institute and worked as a senior registrar for 3 more years.In 1981 he joined the Madras medical college, the oldest …

8Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
Veins carry deoxygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart. The flow in the veins is maintained by a series of valves which allow flow only towards the heart- one way traffic. When the valve gets damaged blood stagnates in the vein leading to varicose veins. In varicose veins the veins are dilated, become long and coiled like a snake.

9Varicose Veins

For other people, varicose veins can cause aching pain and discomfort. Sometimes varicose veins lead to more-serious problems. Varicose veins may also signal a higher risk of other circulatory problems. Treatment may involve self-care measures or procedures by your doctor to close or remove veins.

10Varicose vein treatment in Chennai
Usually, laser treatment for varicose veins starts at Rs. 1,00,000 for a single leg. However, at Medfin, the same treatment is available starting at Rs. 45,000 for a single leg. Please talk to a Medfin coordinator to know more about the cost or to book an appointment with an expert varicose vein surgeon. Medfin also accepts all insurances.

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1  Varicose Veins Treatment In Hyderabad – Varicose Veins Laser Treatment In Chennai
1) Varicose veins and Treatment of DVT,This Involves laser Assisted varicose veins treatment along with DVT Lysis and Endovenous Stunting. 2) Uterine Fibroid’s and Management Including complete cure for uterine fibroid by using uterine fibroid embolization. This is a day care non invasive surgical procedure. 3) Latest Interventional Oncology …
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1Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum
include the TB screening device, PT/INR monitoring device, UTI diagnostic kit, Vein Viewer, Left Ventricular Assist Device, Cholecyst-derived wound dressing…
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum