#what kind #shoes should i wear in office? #Footwear Advice for Office Goer #Podiatrist #footwear

Hi, friends. I’m Dr. Prem,Podiatrist food surgeon advice I would like to give for an office goer. This is very pointed. So because of this pointed footwear, there will be crowding of the toe inside the foot. Your foot won’t be happy. If this is your foot, it goes very smoothly and there is a… Continue reading #what kind #shoes should i wear in office? #Footwear Advice for Office Goer #Podiatrist #footwear

How to manage Acute Charcot Arthropathy

This video is all about management of acute charcot arthropathy. You all know charcot arthropathy is a in stage complication of diabetic neuropathy where the joints and the bones of the foot will get affected. Joints and ligaments and tarsal wound especially will get affected in diabetic neuropathy. So one suspicion is from West Bengal.… Continue reading How to manage Acute Charcot Arthropathy

Peripheral#Angioplasty #ToeGangrene #blacktoe #Diabeticfootcare #footproblem among smokers #Diabetes

Hello everyone. This is a video to show what are the important signs when a diabetic patient comes into a hospital  for the foot problems . Usually there are few emergency signs that patients and patient attenders should know and bring to the surgeons knowledge at the earlier term is the blackening of the toe.… Continue reading Peripheral#Angioplasty #ToeGangrene #blacktoe #Diabeticfootcare #footproblem among smokers #Diabetes

Proper Diet for #diabeticfoot #Diabeticdiet #Nutritionindiabeticwound

Hello everyone diabetic wound care management. Many of our patients won’t have adequate nutrition, particularly elderly  range and protein. They need to take an adequate quantity because the exits from the home mostly are protein rich. So the loss of this protein has to be managed with proper supplementation. So diet which are rich in… Continue reading Proper Diet for #diabeticfoot #Diabeticdiet #Nutritionindiabeticwound

International Nurses Day 2020 | Florence Nightingale

I  wish all nurses a very happy International Nurses Day. On this day we remember nurses for their sacrifice and contribution towards special care. This day is being celebrated across the world on their remembrance of Sister Florence Nighting Girls birth anniversary. She used to treat wounded soldiers during Crimian War. I once again thank… Continue reading International Nurses Day 2020 | Florence Nightingale

Toe Curl Exercise For Foot

Hi, I’m Dr. Prem Podiatrist. Today I am going to teach you about Toe curl physiotherapy exercise. Patients who are having diabetes and those who are having peripheral neuropathy and those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can benefit out of this food physiotherapy excercise. So let me demonstrate how to do your toe curl… Continue reading Toe Curl Exercise For Foot